101 Reykjavík

Chicken pizza

I believe I stole this combination from Eldsmiðjan pizzeria in Reykjavík, Iceland, many years ago. However, they don’t seem to have it on their menu anymore – silly them.

Remember these slices of chicken I suggested you kept in your freezer? Well, you can use them or simply fry a chicken breast especially, since chicken is essential for this combination.

  • Make your absolute best pizza bottom
  • Choose your favorite pizza sauce
  • And simply spread the following on your pizza:
    • Slices of already cooked Chicken
    • Maize Corn, not too much
    • Chopped Sweet Red Paprika
    • Finely chopped pickled Jalapeno
    • Lots and lots of cream cheese!
    • Mozzarella or some other grated cheese
    • And lastly, Black Pepper

And by all means serve it with garlic oil, it’s so good. Just use olive oil and or rape seed oil, grated garlic clovers, perhaps some dried parsley, and salt – voilá, garlic oil! For some reason it is served at every pizzeria in Iceland, but here in Sweden you simply don’t, and the staff will give you a strange look if you ask for one.



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