Princess Anna


So now my little Freyja has turned 2 years old! Our little birthday-girl loves Frozen so I took the opportunity to make a dollcake as princess Anna. This is the second time I make a dollcake and also the second time I make anything challenging using sugarpaste. Last time, the cake was crap – it was easy to handle but it was wildly unpopular and I was myself really unhappy with the taste. This time, the cake was delicious but I made a mistake I won’t be repeating. I put a merengue between two layers of chocolate mousse (delicious by the way!) which made the merengue melt away and the cake to bulge where that layer was – also, the load on top of the mousse-merengue layers was too heavy.

Also, making a detailed drawing of the cake and decorations is a good idea, a very good idea. I made drawings as I planned this cake and they were very helpful! However, I didn’t plan the decorations and I never handle a pencil (haven’t done so on a regular basis for about 17 years!) and I truly regretted just diving in like that. Just making a drawing on a paper and or practicing on a piece of sugarpaste cut in the right shape would have been a quick and clever thing to do.


2 thoughts on “Princess Anna

  1. Hello! This was so interesting to read. I’m a cake decorator in training, and I love to read the way other people make and decorate cakes. Every cake is a lesson, and the next cake is always a little better than the one before. And I agree with drawing out a cake before making it. It helps ever so much, and it’s fun too!

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