About me

Gróa Valgerður aka GógóAn Icelander, living in Sweden. A biologist, hanging in mid-air at the moment.

Anyway, it’s this time of year when you feel your energy coming back. The days are getting longer and the trees are beginning to bloom. What to do with all this excess energy?!

There are thousands of food blogs out there and I’ve often wondered why I should bother joining the crowd. Well, the thing is, it’s all about taste and the pleasure of writing and sharing. We all have different taste and style and one style doesn’t suit all – and that is that. My cooking and baking is most likely to no interest to most of the 6 billion people inhabiting Earth, but there just might be an important few who share my joy.

My tongue-twister of a name is Gróa Valgerður Ingimundardóttir, but luckily for you, my nickname is simple: Gógó. It’s not a name I chose for myself but one that I’ve had since I was a baby. Insultingly many find it weird, but most people are aware of the fact that, really, it’s endearing.